Catching Up (teaser trailer)

New Light Media Films 2019"Catching Up"  starring Carmen Lookshire, Gilda 'Gem' Caruso, Chris Gaunt and "Saved by the Bell" star Dustin Diamond.  2019 film produced by New Light Media Films for AMAZON prime video library.  A mother leaves her family to become a singing sensation, years later she reunites with her estranged family to realize her daughter has the same musical talent. Directed by Shane Alden

For the Right Reasons (teaser trailer)

New Light Media Films 2018 "For the Right Reasons"  starring Morgan Dyer, Cheyenne Randall and Billy Thomas Myott is now available on Amazon-see below.  A love triangle between teens filmed in modern day inspired by the 80s brat  pack  style  of John Hughes  and characters created by him. Directed by Shane Alden.

For the Right Reasons

Our producers and cast on the Red Carpet @ our premiere at the sold out park theater!

WNYT NBC exclusive coverage of "Catching Up" premiere

Our producers and cast on the Red Carpet @ our premiere at the sold out park theater, exclusive interviews and coverage by WNYT NBC 

Casting "Catching Up"

here is a look behind the scenes of casting NLM's film "Catching Up". exclusive interviews from the director and producers and never before scene cast audition videos.

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New Light Media Film's "Catching Up" is available now Amazon Prime!

"Catching Up" a progressive teen drama in which a teenage girl follows in her estranged mother's foot steps who abandoned her for a career in the music industry.  We are excited to also welcome Dustin Diamond to the cast !  Dustin is a character actor most known for his role as "Screech" in NBC's 'Saved by the Bell'  



Meet our Team!

Shane Alden is our Executive Producer/Director/DOP.  He has worked and studied acting all over upstate NY and New England, a established professional wrestler with national tv experience, and creative/producer for various tv and film projects.

Bobby Chase  is consulting  producer and editor.

Craig Robideau is our head of casting and Associate Producer.

Kelly Slingerland is a former pageant queen in New York, as well as director of the WAC North American Pageant, she is Talent Coordinator and On set Production Assistant .

Miranda Eldridge and Rhoze Faraci are also Production Assistants.

Jim Boykin and his Internet Marketing Ninjas are Associate Producers. 

Chris Gaunt is a consultant and Associate Producer.

Kayt Willis is a assistant casting director.

Salvatore Delgreco is our project writer and creative consultant.






New York capital region singing sensation Carmen Lookshire will be starring as JESSY in "Catching Up".  Our producers were impressed with her classic powerful singing mixed with her youthful  camera presence





 Gilda GEM Caruso will be making her acting debut as singing superstar SASHA in "Catching Up".  It wasn't a stretch for her to own this role as she doubles as a professional singer and mother of two small children. Gem is also a translator who speaks several languages. 

Meet Brian


Meet Mean Girl 1


 Chris Gaunt is a professional actor who is active in NYC/Philly productions. He is the owner of CJG Life Coaching and member of The Theatre Institute's Blue Horse Repertory Group. Chris will be playing father and husband BRIAN in "Catching Up" 

Meet Mean Girl 1

supporting cast of "CATCHING UP" featuring 'Saved by the Bell' TV star Dustin Diamond

Meet Mean Girl 1


 Marissy Rose Brightman is a graduate of the New York Film Academy and Long Island actress. She is a regular on the tv series "Killing Dawn" and has appeared in the film "The Coldest Dish". Marissy will star as Mean Girl 1 

Meet Mean Girl 2

supporting cast of "CATCHING UP" featuring 'Saved by the Bell' TV star Dustin Diamond

supporting cast of "CATCHING UP" featuring 'Saved by the Bell' TV star Dustin Diamond


Alyssa Mulvey will be making her acting debut as Mean girl 2 in "Catching Up". Alyssa is model from Queensbury, NY.

supporting cast of "CATCHING UP" featuring 'Saved by the Bell' TV star Dustin Diamond

supporting cast of "CATCHING UP" featuring 'Saved by the Bell' TV star Dustin Diamond

supporting cast of "CATCHING UP" featuring 'Saved by the Bell' TV star Dustin Diamond


Also Kendall Babcock, who was an extra in "For the Right Reasons" that caught the eye of our producers,  will join Amanda Gray, Jacob Dombrowski, and musician Jason Irwin as the supporting cast of "Catching Up"

New Light Media Films

"CATCHING UP" 11/21/19 film premiere

Thursday, November 21 2019 at The Park Theater we hosted our red carpet reception and film premiere of 's "CATCHING UP". The media, sold out theater, whole cast and producers were on hand for the first showing of the film on the big screen. We will also did a producer's intro and cast q&a and live musical performance!

Dustin Diamond spoke to the sold out theater and then took pictures with cast, crew and  all the fans in attendance. Carmen Lookshire and Gem performed "I could fall in love" by Selena in an emotional final performance!  It was a great but bittersweet final time the cast spent together in Glens falls, NY



"CATCHING UP" is now available on AMAZON PRIME!

"Catching Up"  is now available on Amazon to stream FREE for prime members! Non members can purchase it to own forever or rent it to watch for a small fee!

We are so excited for this title to be available to millions of customers through AMAZON FILMS and New Light Media 


We would love your feedback on our newest short film "Catching Up"  click below to start watching and leave us a review Amazon customers!

For the Right Reasons (2018 NLM short film)



Our film is now available to millions worldwide via AMAZON PRIME VIDEO. "For the Right Reasons" is available to stream FREE for Amazon Prime members and can also be rented/purchased in the Amazon Video catalogue. to watch now                         

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